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Vintage Cars At The Suq Waqif

I found these beautiful Vintage Cars at the Suq Waqif a famous local Market in Doha, Qatar. I couldn’t get enough of them. the first one is a Rolls Royce, the second is a Chevrolet and the last one is a GMC. I would love to have these in my collection which is currently none (Chuckles) but may be someday





Elyt Magazine Party at the Cayenne

Chameleone Does the Famous Valu Valu

Maurice Kirya cool as ever & with Dancers this time

Maurice Shares a moment with the fans

A lady shows of the latest issue of Elyt Magazine

A gentleman in the moment

Sean the Proprietor of Elyt poses with friends

A lady chats with a friend

A lady poses for the Camera

The Cayenne