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ACFODE Northern Uganda Debate Tournament

The Acfode Northern Uganda Debate Tournament was my first assignment as a Photography student. I got a Canon 1100D and had never really shot an event as a photographer. There was a lot of Learning for me from Telling the story through composition, controlling the Camera to give me stunning images. Learning on Job, This was the first time I understood ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture and the relationship between the three in creating lovely images. Good or bad, this was my first assignment and I am proud of it

Action for Development Logo seen through a different perspective

A debater prepares for a debate Round

The lady is giving a Point of Information

One of the disciplines of Debate is Listening

Some of the research materials used by the debaters 

A debater makes his point as a judge listens

“On that point sir”

This is what the Debate was about

What I am trying to say is…

A debater convinces a Judge why is side should win the debate

A Judge tabulates results

Judges convene to compare notes

The Winning Team