Ugandan Photographers

My Name is Onyait Odeke. I am a part time photographer like some of you. Check out some of my work at Old Toms Lens
I am running a project called “Ugandan Photographers” that is aimed at publishing a list of all professional and practicing Ugandan photographers on my blog and several other blogs and websites. My Goal is to reach as many Ugandan photographers as possible and help make our works known. The objectives of this project are simple
1. Make known all professional Ugandan Photographers and also to highlight their works and achievements
2. To enable photographers to share information, tips tricks, experiences and Contests. I believe that Photographers can inspire each other be better but first we need a platform that unites us.
3. To inspire budding photographers like myself

What I need from each photographer is
1. A high resolution photograph
2. a Short Bio/Profile (50 – 100 words)
3. Areas of Specialty
4. Awards or Achievements
5. Functioning Blog/Website link
6. Facebook Page & Twitter Handle
7. Contact Details (Email and Mobile etc)

If you know of any Ugandan photographers please forward them this to them and if you are a photographer yourself? send an email to with the above requirements. For any other inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on email or Mobile +256 791 743274


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