Siraj Muyingo


Name: Muyingo Siraj
Bio: A night Owl:
Long story short, I left TV early 2016 to fully concentrate on a personal startup called “Awo’lwatuuka”. It’s a Luganda word used conventionally as you start telling a story.

I am telling stories with commercial photography and videos. I am focusing my energy on creating positive narratives for my home country, Uganda through writing, producing and photographing simple yet powerful documentaries, commercials and short corporate brand videos.

My aim is to develop a long-lasting creative blueprint on the art of telling positive stories to strengthen national brands and institutions across Africa.

If not in Kampala, I am on a trip mixing business and pressure with my best travel buddy and partner, photographing people and places. We have been to 5 countries this year as we continue to explore good stories and positive vibes across the globe.

Specialty: Commercial photography and film
Mobile: +256783129234



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